Results of the SPOT - Social Pictures of Today project

22 August 2019
Results of the SPOT - Social Pictures of Today project

International workshop groups of participants from France, Italy, Germany and Poland have made short films related to common social problems in Europe.

The youth exchange of 15 people from each organization participating in the project – a total of 60 young people took place in Radom, Poland. Young people were supported by the professional filmmakers and Police what allowed to make consultations with experts and use their organisational support. Participants prepared short social advertising in the international group.

Open Channel Magdeburg e.V. (Germany)
KINOGRAPHE Association (France)
Associazione cinematografica e culturale Laboratorio dei sogni (Italy)

Technical partner:

Project SPOT - Social Pictures of Today was realised with the support of the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.


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